50 Shades of Massage is a woman’s only exclusive straight male escort and massage experience created and delivered just for you by Fabian Love. This is an experience created by you, the client, and so you remain completely in control of how things unfold.

Discover the ultimate full body massage for her experience in London. Be the centre of Fabian’s world for an event or your own special personal experience. Contact Fabian to open dialogue today.

This is a sensual massage experience, although you can discuss other services with Fabian in person. Fabian has always been a great believer in delivering the highest standard of service in any business he has been involved in, and doesn't see why this should be any different. He believes that sensuality is a beautiful thing that should be created by two people - it is all about the connection. With sensuality in mind, Fabian has sourced the highest calibre of accommodation possible to make sure you are comfortable and spoiled.


Fabian has had 18 years experience in the health and fitness industry. At 36yrs of age he has a wealth of experience with beautiful women and leaves nobody unsatisfied. He is a qualified sports scientist, versed in body conditioning, sports psychology, sports hypnosis, sports nutrition and massage. He has worked with a range of individuals including: royalty; celebrities; athletes; business men/women; and the medically challenged. This has given Fabian a vast knowledge of the human psyche. He has an amazing ability to understand people very quickly and make them feel instantly comfortable in his company. Originating from Caribbean/South American decent, Fabian is very open and creative when it comes to art of love.


Thank you for looking over my site 50 Shades of Massage. This service is totally unique, and I have put it together after countless requests from my female clients. This is certainly not a chore for me as I find people fascinating and love to have in-depth connections on many levels with most people I meet. I love women and find them all beautiful in their own special way. Intimacy and passion is natural and something we all need in our lives. I have many regular clients who come to see me for a little ‘Fabianism’. We quite often build very special relationships that are all unique. I am a passionate man and see intimacy as a beautiful expression of ones self. Life seems to be so calculated and predictable, and the experience of two people coming together to create their very own magical experience is both exhilarating and gratifying. Afterall, what is life without love...

Fabian Love


I live a very healthy life exercising every day, meditating and eating healthy food. I don't drink but am partial to the odd glass of champagne when not working. I love to read and I have an opinion on pretty much everything, and I am well-travelled and very people/street smart. I like to read things that stretch the mind, love to party and enjoy stimulating conversation – but I am also happy to be silent. Life is for living and nothing much fazes me. Like the Buddhists I believe that everything you do should be done with honest, loving energy.