50 Shades of Massage is based in one of the most prestigious five star hotels in London, located in the sought after postcode of Mayfair W1. Fabian Love has the use of the rooms in this elegant spa, and this ultra luxurious location ensures that you will enjoy your massage in safe, sophisticated and eminently elegant surroundings.

50 Shades of Massage London W1 is the creation of Fabian Love. After countless requests from his female clients for something more sensual and erotic than a standard massage, Fabian decided to provide these ladies with the services that they desired. Fabian offers woman’s only massage, and his services will always be unique to you, the client. Everybody is different, and has her own different needs and desires. Fabian can intuitively discover your deepest wishes and form powerful connections. Making you feel at ease instantly, he will listen to you carefully in order to give you the most beautiful and exciting experience of your life.

So who is it that seeks this kind of service? Here are a few scenarios that seem to pop up frequently:

  • The intrigue of this experience excites me, and the fact that you are in the heart of the capital, in a very safe, luxurious environment makes me feel comfortable.  It makes an experience that could be thought of as a little sordid, even risky, very chic and cool.

  • Honestly I just have a supercharged sex drive and am always looking to try new things.

  • I have been single for a long time and feel I would like to get back into the market.  Feeling very sexual lately and saw your services and thought hey why not.

  • I just want some passion in my life, I'm bored and very underwhelmed.

  • My husband and I stopped having sex years ago and are more like brother and sister, than husband and wife.

  • I have recently divorced and still have needs, but neither have the inclination or want to be involved in a relationship at the moment.

Please take your time to look at the rest of the site and 50 Shades of massage looks forward to hearing from you.